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Family walking along Cockatoo Island's shoreline with views of Sydney Harbour bridge in the background.

Video library

Welcome to our video library. This selection of videos is a great way to learn about Cockatoo Island / Wareamah from subject matter experts as well as the people who lived or worked here.

Scroll to watch videos that vividly bring to life the history of Cockatoo Island and include archival footage. Highlights include ‘Shipyard Stories’ featuring John Jeremy AM, the final CEO of Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd, and ‘The Dreamtime Story of Buriburi’ – filmed at Wareamah, it is an opportunity to consider the origins of Sydney Harbour from the perspective of coastal Sydney’s Traditional Owners. You’ll also find an archival documentary on the island, a video focused on the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Convict Site and a recent television segment exploring the island’s distinct landscape.

The Dreamtime Story of Buriburi

A collaboration with the Gujaga Foundation, the Gamay Dancers and videographer Tamati Smith, this video uses words and traditional performance to retell the First Nations story of Buriburi.

UNESCO World Heritage Listed Convict Site

Produced by the Australian Convict Sites Steering Committee, this video showcases Cockatoo Island’s UNESCO World Heritage Listed Convict Site (1839-69).

Shipyard stories

In this video, the final CEO of Cockatoo Dockyard leads viewers on a journey through 134 years of maritime history at Cockatoo Island and offers his personal reflections.

Welcome to Cockatoo Island

Produced in 2002, this documentary delves into the layered history of Cockatoo Island and features interviews with former dockyard workers.

Travel Oz feature

In this video, which aired on Channel 7 in 2019, Travel Oz presenter Greg Grainger explores Cockatoo Island with a knowledgeable Harbour Trust tour guide.

Helpful links

Looking to visit, stay at or tour Cockatoo Island? Here are some useful links.