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One of Cockatoo Island's heritage cranes with Sydney's new year's eve fireworks in the background.

Iron Giants: historic crane exhibition

Get to know the historic cranes of Cockatoo Island with ‘Iron Giants’, an online exhibition created for the Google Arts & Culture platform by the Harbour Trust.

Formerly a ship-building complex, Cockatoo Island played a major role in Australia's maritime affairs from 1857 to 1991. Today, 17 steam-powered and electrical cranes survive from this era, contributing immeasurably to the island’s industrial terrain and Sydney's iconic skyline. Paired with the island's remnant dock facilities, they provide a window into a period spanning 134 years.

The ‘Iron Giants’ exhibition is an opportunity to learn about our metal behemoths and how steam powered cranes operates.

About Google Arts & Culture

The Harbour Trust has partnered with Google Arts & Culture since 2020 to broaden the ways in which Australians can experience their beloved destinations on Sydney Harbour, including Cockatoo Island / Wareamah. The Harbour Trust is part of the growing community of cultural institutions with a presence on Google Arts & Culture – an online platform making the cultures of the world accessible to anyone, anywhere.  

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