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Visit Cockatoo Island

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Free Admission

  • Open seven days a week
  • Visitor centre: 9:30am to 3pm Mon to Fri, 9:30am to 4pm on weekends

See Disruptions (Plan Ahead) for relevant details.

  • Ferry
  • Water taxi
  • Private boat
  • Kayak

Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, NSW

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Known as Wareamah by the Wallumedegal, Wangal, Cammeraygal and Gadigal Peoples, Cockatoo Island is a former convict penal establishment and naval shipyard, located in the heart of Sydney Harbour...

Cockatoo Island is a source of intrigue and inspiration for visitors owing to its heritage buildings, distinctive terrain and panoramic views. Popular attractions include heritage and campground accommodation, waterfront cafés and picnic spots, guided history and paranormal tours, and exciting seasonal events such as the Biennale of Sydney, New Year's Eve and music concerts. Located at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers, Cockatoo Island is just a ferry ride away (See 'Getting here').

Plan ahead

Planning to visit? To ensure your time with us is enjoyable and hassle-free, refer to the below information ahead of your trip…

Getting here arrow

The easiest way to get to Cockatoo Island is by Public ferry. The F3 and F8 services operate to Cockatoo Island daily, departing from Circular Quay and Barangaroo as well as from wharves along Parramatta River. For further information, including timetables, visit the Transport NSW website. You can also visit Cockatoo Island by water taxi, private boat or kayak.

Private transport

Sydney Event Cruises offer private transport to and from Cockatoo Island for small and large groups. A luxury limousine and large charge vessel hire can be arranged for up to 300 people, enabling your group to arrive in style to Cockatoo Island via Camber wharf. Call Sydney Event Cruises directly on 0407 973 508.

Mooring and parking arrow

Boat mooring: Private vessels may use Camber Marina on the island's southern apron. Pay for casual berthing at Marina Café & Bar near the gangway. Overnight berths must be booked in advance by calling 9940 0172 or emailing info@cockatoomarine.com.au. Most boats to 42' can be accommodated but there are restrictions above 30' length and 10m height so call ahead to enquire about availability. Fees are $15 for 4 hours for a boat to 29'. Please visit cockatoomarine.com.au for details and overnight bookings.

Car parking: Street parking is available near the ferry wharves at Woolwich, Greenwich, Chiswick, Huntleys Point, Drummoyne, Birchgrove and Balmain. Check signage for any restrictions. 

Disruptions arrow

Visitor Update – COVID-19: In line with the latest advice from the NSW Government, as well as the restrictions and lockdown currently in effect throughout Greater Sydney, public access to Cockatoo Island will remain suspended until further notice. This means the visitor centre and cafés are closed, and our tours, accommodation and vacation care offerings have been paused. Rangers and security will continue to patrol the island during the lockdown period.​ We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to follow directions from NSW Government to ensure our operations are in line with the latest advice on coronavirus.

Further information

Visitor centre:

  • Conditions of entry: When entering the visitor centre, visitors (including accommodation guests and tourgoers) are required to scan a QR code to complete a COVID Safe check-in with Service NSW. 
  • Significant weather events: In the event of extreme weather or an Extreme\Catastrophic Fire Ratings, the Visitor Centre will be closed.

Maintenance works at Camber Wharf: As part of the Harbour Trust’s ongoing maintenance program, works will soon commence on the upgrade of the barging facilities on the southern side of the island, and the repair and replacement of the degraded Camber Wharf and adjacent timber jetty. The works are expected to take 4 months to complete (weather permitting) and will include installation of new timber piles, timber decking and handrails.

During the works, part of the seating area for Marina Café and Bar will be temporarily relocated onto the adjacent hardstand. The venue will be closed on 19 and 20 May, to enable set up of the new seating area, before reopening on 21 May.

Marina’s trading hours and menu of the Marina Café & Bar will be unchanged whilst the upgrade works to the Camber Wharf and timber jetty are underway. The seating area for the Marina Café and Bar will return to its previous location at the end of the works (mid-August).

Public ferries: Be aware that ferries currently have capacity restrictions to ensure safe physical distancing between passengers. For further information, including timetables, visit the Transport NSW website


Facilities and accessibility arrow

Cockatoo Island has wheelchair access, toilet facilities (including accessible toilets), vending machines, barbeques, showers, an Opal card top-up machine, a kitchen (for exclusive use by campers), free Wi-Fi (enquire at the Visitor Centre) and gold coin operated lockers. Located in the Muster Station, each locker contains power outlets for charging devices. Small lockers (20cm x 20cm x 40cm) are available $2 for eight hours or $4 for 24 hours. Medium lockers (30cm x 40cm x 60cm) are available for $4 for eight hours or $8 for 24 hours. Large lockers (55cm x 60cm x 90cm) are available for $8 for eight hours or $12 for 24 hours.



Most areas of the island are wheelchair accessible; however, there is a steep incline from the lower island to the upper plateau, and – owing to the island’s industrial heritage –  there are uneven surfaces as well as some buildings not accessible by wheelchair.

Emergency and security arrow

Cockatoo Island is patrolled by rangers from 8am to 4pm and by security personnel from 4pm and 8am. In the event of an emergency, dial 000 or 112 if mobile reception is poor. To contact a ranger during an emergency, call 0434 652 153 (8am to 4pm). Alternatively, to contact a security officer, call 0433 632 791 (4 pm to 8 am).          

Visitor guidelines and FAQs arrow

Help ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, by observing the following rules, enforceable by our rangers:

  • Conditions of entry: Do not fish, skateboard and roller-blade; do not bring pets (except guide dogs) onto the island; do not smoke within buildings or within five metres of a café; do not littering or dump rubbish; do not erect gazebos or marquees (without a permit); do not operate remote-controlled vehicles (including drones); do not play amplified music (without a permit) or create excessive noise; do not undertake commercial activities (without a permit); do not hold private functions (without a permit); and do not climb cliffs or on historical structures.
  • Alcohol consumption: To prevent unsafe alcohol consumption and curb anti-social behaviour, alcohol rules are enforced on the island. Visitors (with the exception of apartment and heritage house guests) are not permitted to bring alcohol onto the island. Alcohol consumption is permitted at the island’s two licensed venues, Societé Overboard and the Marina Café & Bar. For further details, see: FAQs.      
Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Our FAQs page contains further visitor information. Topics include the consumption of alcohol, our bag check and photography policies, guide animals and the island's amenities

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) arrow

The Harbour Trust is following advice from the NSW Department of Health and the World Health Organisation and has implemented measures to ensure the health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff.

Full details

Seagull nesting season (NEW) arrow

Please be mindful that Cockatoo Island’s seagulls are currently in nesting season and can become noisy and aggressive if approached. Although we have taken steps to minimise the inconvenience for visitors, including accommodation guests, we encourage people to keep their distance where possible.


Looking for things to do in Sydney? Cockatoo Island is a scenic destination where you can engage with Sydney's historical narrative as part of a day trip or overnight stay...

Develop your orienteering skills (NEW)

Are you a passionate orienteer or outdoor enthusiast? Explore historic Cockatoo Island – and enjoy a very scenic workout – with Orienteering NSW’s program of orienteering courses.

Cockatoo Island features four courses, catering for different fitness levels and experience. They range from 600m to 3.5km, meaning beginners have an opportunity to develop their navigational skills while experienced orienteers can test their mettle. 

Each course commences at the Muster Station and can be completed with either a paper map, available from Cockatoo Island’s visitor centre, or the MapRunF mobile app (FREE), available to download from the App Store and Google Play. 

Image credit: Tony Hill (photographer), supplied by Orienteering NSW

Orienteering NSW Tony Hill Cockatoo Island 710X480
Embark on a guided tour

Journey back to Cockatoo Island’s storied convict and maritime eras – or dare to step into the supernatural realm – with our program of history and paranormal tours. The program caters for different ages, interests and personalities – from history buffs and ghost seekers through to families and seniors’ clubs. Our tours are also a great opportunity to discover iconic landmarks, including heritage buildings rarely opened to the general public.  

Stay a night (or longer)

Surrounded by landscaped gardens with sweeping views, our apartments and holiday houses marry heritage character and with modern amenities. Meanwhile, our campground represents an opportunity to sleep under the stars in the heart of the world’s best harbour.

Talk to the island itself (NEW)

We’ve brought some of our iconic landmarks to life! Next time you visit, follow the trail of teal ‘Hello’ signs to chat with the waterfront campground, the convict quarters, the WWII searchlight tower and other points of interest! To strike up a friendly conversation, follow the simple instructions on each sign. You’ll learn local history, receive hot tips for enjoying your visit and have opportunities to provide us feedback. 

Enjoy a picnic or barbeque

Pack a meal and ascend to Biloela Lawn in the Historic Residence Precinct for unspoilt vistas. Alternatively, head to the Northern Apron Park on the lower island to use our free BBQ facilities, shaded seating and sprawling green space.

Campground kitchen (incl. shaded seating, BBQs, hot water, fridges, microwaves) also available for group bookings of up to 30 people at a cost of $250. 


Pick up a kids activity book

Visiting with kids? Head to the visitor centre for a free activity book. Suitable for kids aged 12 and under, the book includes challenges such as Convict Clues and Ship Shape, which encourage interaction with the island's rich history. 

Discover Shipyard Stories

Located in Biloela House on the upper plateau, Shipyard Stories is an exhibition of archival imagery celebrating the island’s storied maritime history.

Shoot some hoops

Play a game of basketball at our harbour-side court, a short distance from the ferry wharf. Bring a basketball or hire one from the visitor centre for $5.

Exercise your brain

What’s better than playing a game of chess in your living room? Playing a game on our giant, outdoor chess board, surrounded by Sydney Harbour! Head to the island’s eastern apron, it’s your move! 

Watch movies

Located in the Convict Precinct, our Campground Cinema is an opportunity for campers to kick back in a plush bean bag and enjoy a free selection of films. The cinema can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people. Group cinematic experiences can be arranged through the Accommodation Team ($5 per person – includes popcorn).

Share campfire stories

As night falls, gravitate to the warmth of our campground firepit and share stories, both spooky and funny, as you enjoy flame-roasted marshmallows. Note: Marshmallow bags (including sticks) available for $5 from visitor centre.

Play vintage lawn games

A true test of hand-eye coordination and depth perception, corn hole is a game where players take turns attempting to throw beanbags into a raised hole. We also offer highly addictive variations on the classic ring toss game (Finska, Quoits and Hoopla) and Frescobal – a paddle ball game popular in Brazil. Games available at visitor centre.

Go kayaking

Make a grand entrance by kayak at Slipway Number 2 where the historic ships were once built. Kayaks can be left at this slipway, but please remember that items are left at your own risk so take any valuables with you. Kayaks are not available for hire on Cockatoo Island.

Eat and drink

Cockatoo Island features two family-friendly cafés, both of which are licensed to serve alcohol...

Marina Café & Bar

Located alongside Camber Wharf, this harbour-side hangout exudes country-style pub charm. Relax with a beverage or coffee in the beer garden and take advantage of a diverse menu that includes gluten free, dairy free and vegan options.

[Note: Café menu available daily, kitchen menu offered Wednesday to Sunday​. Last kitchen orders are 60 mins prior to close, alcohol/coffee service ends 30 mins prior to close.] 

[Update: Due to upgrade works to Camber Wharf and the adjacent timber wharf, Marina Café & Bar will be CLOSED on 19 and 20 May to enable the temporary relocation of its seating area. Marina will resume operating on 21 May and its seating area will return to its previous location when the works are complete (mid-August).  See ‘Disruptions’ for further details.]

Winter trading hours
  • Mon to Fri – 10am to 3pm
  • Sat and Sun – 9am to 5pm
  • 19 and 20 May – CLOSED
Private functions

To book a private function, contact the Events Manager on 0419 632 091. For more info, email enquires@cockatoomarinacafe.bar, call 1300 228 326 or visit the venue's website.


Societé Overboard

Just a short stroll from the ferry wharf, Societé Overboard offer diners an opportunity to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner – as well as a selection of hot, cold and alcoholic refreshments – as they take in an incredible harbour view.

[Note: Kitchen shuts 45 mins prior to close. Dinner menu only available on Saturday.]

Winter trading hours
  • Mon to Thurs –  8.30am – 4pm
  • Fri – 8.30am – 5pm
  • Sat – 8.30am – 7pm
  • Sun – 8.30am – 4pm


Corporate events and private functions

For more information, call 0434 372 260, (02) 9555 5586 or email societecatering@bigpond.com. ​


Cockatoo Island intersects the homelands of the Wallumedegal, Wangal, Cammeraygal and Gadigal Peoples, who inhabited the area for thousands of years prior to European settlement...

Cockatoo Island throughout the ages

Sandstone buildings and other remnant structures from the island's convict era (1839 to 1869) offer insights into the conditions endured by people who were exiled to Australia and put to work on the colony’s ambitious building projects. Meanwhile, the Industrial, Docks and Ship Design Precincts – together with Cockatoo Island’s towering heritage cranes – offer a window into the island’s storied maritime era (1857 to 1991). Since 2001, the island has been protected by the Harbour Trust. 

Google Arts & Culture (NEW)

The Harbour Trust has launched a collection of immersive exhibitions on the Google Arts & Culture platform, meaning people can experience the island and other extraordinary places on Sydney Harbour anytime, anywhere in the world. Jump online and visit their collection to learn about the island's First Nations stories, towering heritage cranes and layered history.