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Hello Cockatoo Island

Ever wished you could awaken history and speak directly with Cockatoo Island’s heritage landmarks about their incredible stories? Now you can! Introducing our interactive ‘Hello Harbour Trust’ initiative…

When you next explore Cockatoo Island, look out for the turquoise "Hello" signs inviting you to engage in a lively and informative text message conversation with some of our most beloved objects, including key landmarks. As you speak to objects from across different eras, you’ll hear their stories and gain insights into the island’s First Nations, convict, and maritime narratives as well as our visitor experience. 

Plus, visitors will also have the opportunity to have your say on important matters and provide feedback on their island adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the conversation!

How it works

Eager to start a conversation? Anyone can speak to our talking objects – all you need is a mobile phone!

To chat to a talking object, simply follow these steps:

  1. Look out for our turquoise "Hello" signs (see: talking object map).

  2. Scan the QR code on the sign or text the advertised phone number.

  3. Answer the object’s questions, provide your feedback, and get to know each other.

  4. Once you’ve wrapped up your conversation, look out for other turquoise signs to awaken another object.  

Psst... we've also awoken two different landmarks at nearby Woolwich Dock and Parklands; namely, a historic graving dock and a scenic paddock. When you next visit this maritime precinct, look out for the aqua and off-white "Hello" signs. They are also identified on the talking object map below.

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Interactive map

Cockatoo Island features nine different talking landmarks, including a visitor guide. Want to speak with them all? Check out this interactive map to discover where they are…

Visitor information

To ensure your time at Cockatoo Island is enjoyable and hassle-free, refer to the below information…

Getting here arrow

The easiest way to get to Cockatoo Island is by Public ferry. The F3 and F8 services operate to Cockatoo Island daily, departing from Circular Quay and Barangaroo as well as from wharves along Parramatta River. For further information, including timetables, visit the Transport NSW website. You can also visit Cockatoo Island by water taxi, private boat or kayak.

Private transport

Sydney Event Cruises offer private transport to and from Cockatoo Island for small and large groups. A luxury limousine and large charge vessel hire can be arranged for up to 300 people, enabling your group to arrive in style to Cockatoo Island via Camber wharf. Call Sydney Event Cruises directly on 0407 973 508.

Mooring and parking arrow

Boat mooring: Private vessels may use Camber Marina on the island's southern apron. Pay for casual berthing at Marina Café & Bar near the gangway. Overnight berths must be booked in advance by calling 9940 0172 or emailing info@cockatoomarine.com.au. Most boats to 42' can be accommodated but there are restrictions above 30' length and 10m height so call ahead to enquire about availability. Fees are $15 for 4 hours for a boat to 29'. Please visit cockatoomarine.com.au for details and overnight bookings.

Car parking: Street parking is available near the ferry wharves at Woolwich, Greenwich, Chiswick, Huntleys Point, Drummoyne, Birchgrove and Balmain. Check signage for any restrictions. 

Disruptions arrow

COVID-19 update – Cockatoo Island has reopened: We are very pleased to welcome visitors back to Cockatoo Island from 11 October 2021. 

Further information

Tunnel closures: The Campground Tunnel, which links the Northern Apron to the Docks Precinct, is currently closed for repairs. The Dog-Leg Tunnel, which connect the Eastern Apron to the Docks Precinct, is also closed for repairs. Visitors seeking to travel to the Docks Precinct can do so via the Turbine Shop on the Eastern Apron or by walking around the island's Western Apron. 

Eastern Apron closure (16 to 22 February): Red Hot Summer Tour will take place at Cockatoo Island on Saturday 19 February and Sunday 20 February. The Eastern Apron will be closed from 16 to 22 February to enable the organisers install and deinstall the outdoor concert space and hold the two-day music festival. In addition, the lookout immediately above the Eastern Apron will be closed to the public on 19 and 20 February.  As the island's tunnels are currently closed for maintenance, visitors seeking to travel to the Docks Precinct, the Marina Cafe & Bar or Turbine Hall, can do so by walking around the island's Western Apron. To learn more about the music festival, visit: https://www.redhotsummertour.com.au/


Facilities and accessibility arrow

Cockatoo Island has wheelchair access, toilet facilities (including accessible toilets), vending machines, barbeques, showers, an Opal card top-up machine, a kitchen (for exclusive use by campers), free Wi-Fi (enquire at the Visitor Centre) and gold coin operated lockers. Located in the Muster Station, each locker contains power outlets for charging devices. Small lockers (20cm x 20cm x 40cm) are available $2 for eight hours or $4 for 24 hours. Medium lockers (30cm x 40cm x 60cm) are available for $4 for eight hours or $8 for 24 hours. Large lockers (55cm x 60cm x 90cm) are available for $8 for eight hours or $12 for 24 hours.



Most areas of the island are wheelchair accessible; however, there is a steep incline from the lower island to the upper plateau, and – owing to the island’s industrial heritage –  there are uneven surfaces as well as some buildings not accessible by wheelchair.

Emergency and security arrow

Cockatoo Island is patrolled by rangers from 8am to 4pm and by security personnel from 4pm and 8am. In the event of an emergency, dial 000 or 112 if mobile reception is poor. To contact a ranger during an emergency, call 0434 652 153 (8am to 4pm). Alternatively, to contact a security officer, call 0433 632 791 (4 pm to 8 am).          

Visitor guidelines and FAQs arrow

Help ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, by observing the following rules, enforceable by our rangers:

  • Conditions of entry: Do not fish, skateboard and roller-blade; do not bring pets (except guide dogs) onto the island; do not smoke within buildings or within five metres of a café; do not littering or dump rubbish; do not erect gazebos or marquees (without a permit); do not operate remote-controlled vehicles (including drones); do not play amplified music (without a permit) or create excessive noise; do not undertake commercial activities (without a permit); do not hold private functions (without a permit); and do not climb cliffs or on historical structures.
  • Alcohol consumption: To prevent unsafe alcohol consumption and curb anti-social behaviour, alcohol rules are enforced on the island. Visitors (with the exception of apartment and heritage house guests) are not permitted to bring alcohol onto the island. Alcohol consumption is permitted at the island’s two licensed venues, Societé Overboard and the Marina Café & Bar. For further details, see: FAQs.      
Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Our FAQs page contains further visitor information. Topics include the consumption of alcohol, our bag check and photography policies, guide animals and the island's amenities

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