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Convicts, Crimes & Cockatoo Island

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This virtual tour is $65 per class and is available now. 

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Education stage

Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4)



Students can undertake this tour remotely at home or in the classroom.


This tour supports several Syllabus and Curriculum Outcomes.

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Are you looking for an interactive, syllabus-rich learning experience that meets key learning areas AND engages stage 2 students? Book our 360° virtual tour of convict era Cockatoo Island...

Built with the SITU360 virtual education tool, Convicts, Crimes & Cockatoo Island enables Stage 2 students to virtually explore our former convict prison (1839-69) using interactive 360° images and features . Your class will learn about the world events that led to the British colonisation of Australia and what it was like for convicts to live and work at Cockatoo Island.

Critically, they will gain experience identifying historical sources and assessing the reliability of evidence when performing historical enquiry. Students will develop these skills during the learning experience as they examine convict buildings, listen to prisoner diary entries, and engage with other historical sources including pictures. 

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Book ‘Convicts, Crimes and Cockatoo Island’ and transport your students to the era when convicts were transported to Australia and put to work on the colony’s ambitious building projects...
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How it works

'Convicts, Crimes & Cockatoo Island’ follows a linear format with students prompted to complete a worksheet as they move from one tour stop to the next...

As students examine different visual, written and aural historical sources, they will consider what it was like to live on Cockatoo Island between 1839 and 1869 and add to their worksheets. The tour will end in a reflective thinking and empathetic reasoning task for your class. 

PLUS: The teacher resource pack outlines the NSW Syllabus and Australian Curriculum Outcomes covered in the tour. The tour transcript is also offered throughout the experience to provide Access for students who require or prefer text-based learning.

Convict Cell Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour 650X550

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