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What's on

Looking for things to do in Sydney? Head to Cockatoo Island, located in the heart of the harbour!

Our What’s On Directory (below) provides an overview of current and upcoming attractions, including guided tours and special events that reveal and celebrate the island's heritage, including heritage crane demonstrations.

To plan your trip or browse accommodation, see Visit Cockatoo island and Stay at Cockatoo Island. Unable to visit Cockatoo Island? We also offer virtual experiences including online exhibitions and webinars. 

20 March to 29 March
Rediscover the Harbour Trust's sites during our 20th anniversary year

Between 20 and 29 March, you can join in the Harbour Trust's 20th anniversary celebrations by attending a FREE tour or talk as part of our 'Rediscovery Days' program. This initiative also includes special events and promotions by our tenants. These events will showcase the natural and heritage values of the Harbour Trust's protected sites, including Cockatoo Island. 

All year round
Google Arts & Culture exhibitions

Unable to visit Cockatoo Island? Don't worry. The Harbour Trust has launched a collection of immersive exhibitions on the Google Arts & Culture platform, meaning people can experience the island and other extraordinary places on Sydney Harbour anytime, anywhere in the world. Jump online and marvel at the 'Iron Giants' of Cockatoo Island, discover the site's First Nations heritage... and so much more!  

Friday & Saturday (From 2 Jan 2021)
Ghost Tour (18+)

As the witching hour approaches, embark on our Ghost Tour and journey into Cockatoo Island’s supernatural realm. As you search for ghosts and explore historic buildings, our guide will share macabre true stories and hair-raising paranormal tales, including reported hauntings. Feeling brave? Book our ‘Overnight Fright’ package! After the tour, we’ll screen a horror film and you’ll stay in our campground.

Saturdays (From 2 Jan 2021)
Dark Past Tour

Secrets. Scandals. Skeletons... Cockatoo Island has its fair share of all three. Discover for yourself with our intrigue-filled Dark Past Tour. As you explore visit iconic landmarks and buildings from different eras, including the convict workshops, Dog Leg Tunnel and Biloela House, our guide will blend history with mystery to captivate your imagination!

Saturdays (From 2 Jan 2021)
Convict Escape Attempts Tour

Cockatoo Island wasn’t always an idyllic getaway. This lively, all-ages tour will introduce you to a line-up of brave, foolhardy and desperate convicts who dared to escape notorious Cockatoo island’s penal establishment (1839-69), including fabled bushranger Captain Thunderbolt. As you explore the island, you’ll hear about successful and ill-fated escape attempts involving disguises, sewers, shark-infested waters, stolen boats and a volley of bullets.

Saturdays (From 2 Jan 2021)
Sandstone to Steel Tour

Want a crash course in Cockatoo island's storied history? Book tickets for Sandstone to Steel. This all-ages tour charts the changing face of Cockatoo Island. As you visit key landmarks, our guide will reveal how they fit into the island’s historical narrative. They will also share anecdotes about a colourful cast of real-life characters.

NSW School Holidays
Heritage steam crane demonstrations (FREE)

Travel back to the era where steam ruled – attend an upcoming demonstration of one of our vintage steam cranes!