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COVID-19 update: Island closed to public

Planning to visit Cockatoo Island? Ahead of your trip, check this page for updates, including the steps being taking to ensure a safe visitor experience during COVID-19...

This page provides updates on the current status of Cockatoo Island, including the steps we are taking to ensure a safe visitor experience during COVID-19. The health and safety of visitors to Cockatoo Island remains paramount. We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to follow directions from NSW Government to ensure our operations are in line with the latest advice on coronavirus.

UPDATE – Island closed  (29 July)

In light of the latest advice from the NSW Government, as well as the restrictions and lockdown currently in effect throughout Greater Sydney, public access to Cockatoo Island is suspended until further notice.

This means the visitor centre and cafés are closed, and our tours and accommodation offerings have been paused.

Rangers and security will continue to patrol the island during the lockdown period.​ 

We look forward to welcoming you back to the island when it is safe to visit.